Well ain’t that jus like me…

Well, it’s almost the New Year and I’m sitting here outside my son’s school after a basketball tournament.  He did pretty good too. 20, 27, 27 and 10 points respectively.  He is now a senior and it has been a whirlwind! I’ve heard friends talk about the infamous senior year but nobody, and I mean nobody told me it would be like this. SAT scores, GPA’s, scholarships, colleges, football, basketball,  and Lord have mercy that’s just the tip of the iceberg! The word stress took on a whole new meaning, and prayer has been at the top of the list. But through it all I can see God’s Hand. I can see that in spite of the stress, the disappointing moments, and the unknown, I am yet encouraged. I am thankful, and although we are still in a holding pattern, I can truly say THANK YOU JESUS! We learned that we can take it, we can make it, and it really is all good! I know that I know that I know, God is faithful and He will make a way out of no way! And did I mention, storms are nothing for God, so if you are in one, hang in there and rest in the fact that you are not alone and God is in control. Ride it out! Happy New Year!!!


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